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New love is exciting. There is nothing quite like the first few months of a budding relationship – you think about each other constantly, you chat during all hours of the day and night via every available form of communication technology, you go on magical dates and there is mind blowing chemistry between you. Almost everything else goes out the window – including your budget. The idea of today’s blog is to give you tips to kill the over spending without killing the mood. So here are seven ideas to become a master of romance without becoming a slave to your credit card.

Dining in
Dinner dates can be amongst the most expensive so an obvious way to cut the costs of having a new man or woman in your life is to dine in, rather than out. Spend a day preparing a glorious three course meal at your own house. You don’t even have to be a master chef to pull this one off as everyone likes a trier and who’s to say whether or not you called in backup?

Giving your loved one little unexpected gifts is the expected thing to do these days. Making someone feel spoilt is almost always a good thing, but not when it’s also spoiling your monthly budget. Keep the extravagant gifts to a minimum and go for clever and thoughtful gifts instead. Let me give you an example. The two of you are watching a movie and one of the characters is drinking out of a cup that’s in the shape of a boot, your loved one exclaims “Awesome, that cup is so cool – it’s in the shape of a boot”. Now there is a perfect opportunity for you to jump on Trade Me, find a boot-shaped cup and give it to them. It will set you back $10 and you have the added bonus of being the cute, thoughtful partner who listens and delivers.

Cheesy – yes. Fail – no. Poetry can be delivered from two angles so it can definitely have a place in your relationship. Write something special and personal then deliver it. If your partner is a hopeless romantic they will lap it up and be extremely moved by your old-fashioned charm. If you’re partner finds that kind of thing awkward then the whole thing was a thoughtful joke and you’re Mr/Mrs cheesy and hilarious who has a special way with words.

A romantic getaway
A romantic getaway doesn’t have to mean a long weekend at an expensive holiday house or a 5 day trip to Fiji. Go camping or go for a road trip to nowhere in particular. If properly prepared for, comparatively inexpensive holidays such as these can be just as fun, if not more fun, than the luxurious kind.

Local events
Look up events that are happening in your area. There are a lot of performers who put on really cheap or free shows. Look up upcoming events that are happening in your area for a night of fabulous free entertainment.

A night in paradise
Forget an expensive night in a luxury hotel and bring the experience to your house. Fill a room with fairy lights, flowers, food and drink. Its super romantic and will encourage you to tidy the house properly (which, let’s face it, you have probably been putting off for the past few months).

Vouchers and deals
To prove you’re not all about the DIY dates it’s good to have a few conventional ones in the mix too. Plan ahead for these, as deals and vouchers pop up all the time on various websites and on the backs of supermarket receipts.

Happy courting everyone!

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