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Hope you’re all enjoying using heaps! – both Kiwibank and non-Kiwibank customers! In this upgrade, we’ve made some great improvements based on feedback, mostly around making budgeting and categorisation clearer and easier to use. Have a read below to find out what has changed, and then log into heaps! and check it out for yourself!

Budgeting on heaps!

Easier to use design
The budget page has been redesigned and improved with new budget row styles, new expanded transaction row styles, and a new “I Save” section which includes messages for when a goal allocation won’t be achievable.

Simple two-tier budget categories
When setting your budget, you are now able to see both tier 1 and tier 2 categories. With the ability to now click and expand a category to see the subcategories, you can now break down your budget even further.

heaps budgeting improvements

Income/Spending types
The budget page has been simplified, with all regular payments together (instead of being separated into fixed and variable), as well as necessary, and unnecessary types of income and expenditure.

“Everything else” bar
The new budget page has an “everything else” bar that you can expand to see categories that you haven’t budgeted for.

heaps budget improvements everything else

Bugs fixed

  1. Removed goals link from budget progress widget on dashboard.
  2. ANZ uploads can now support accounts that begin with 11 (previously only supported 01)
  3. Orange warning messages on the budget page were being displayed at the wrong time, in certain scenarios. This has now been fixed.
  4. When deleting extra income in the welcome wizard it no longer stays on the page.

And as always, if you have any issues, questions or suggestions please feel free to contact support@heaps.co.nz. Have a great weekend!

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